Leveraging our aviation heritage,
we are set to deliver evolving digital surgical platforms to operating rooms across multiple therapeutic areas

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The Beyeonics
group of

Beyeonics Vision and Beyeonics Surgical are medical technology companies that aim to integrate their digital surgical platforms in operating rooms using augmented reality, tracking and image processing/AI technologies.
The automated processes are providing surgeons with valuable information and decision guidance that creates a synchronized surgical environment.


Beyeonics Vision Ltd is developing and manufacturing the first Ophthalmic Exoscope, Beyeonics one™, delivering advanced visualization and unconstrained performance to ophthalmic surgeons.

Beyeonics Surgical Ltd is a medical technology company focused on Neurosurgery and Orthopedics surgical platforms, with pipeline applications that include minimally invasive surgery utilizing VR and AR based navigation and data processing.

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Our Collective Responsibility


To address the evolving challenges of the surgical ecosystem, our technology platform is designed with a frontward-looking approach that enables seamless integration of advanced capabilities.


Our open digital platform approach enables to integrate, communicate and connect with peers and other medical devices to generate the consolidated intelligence surgeons strive for.


We practice a surgeon–centric approach to drive impact across the surgical ecosystem. Immersive technologies that become second nature to surgeons, we believe, promote better surgeons and better patient care.

Inspired By Pilots’ Head
Control Units

Pilots and physicians have a lot of similarities in their working environments.
They need superior visualization, control over their operating field and real-time data to make critical decisions. We introduce innovation to healthcare by leveraging cutting-edge imaging and head-mounted display technologies originally developed by a leading global aviation company.

We bring the vision of the pilot’s cockpit into an immersive operating experience for surgeons.

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