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Beyeonics One™ The First Ophthalmic Exoscope with Augmented Reality Surgical Headset

Meticulously developed for ophthalmic surgeons — Beyeonics One™ is designed to deliver enhanced visualization, on demand consolidated pre-operative information and AI driven data, all of which are naturally accessible and controlled by an immersive augmented reality surgical headset.

What is an ophthalmic exoscope?

Our exoscope is a high definition fully digital imaging platform enabling surgeons to see a magnified, three dimensional (3D) image of the surgical field.

Inspired by pilots’ head control units, the Beyeonics One™ ophthalmic exoscope leverages advanced technologies developed by a leading global aviation corporation

and applies it to innovate the ophthalmic domain.

Beyeonics One™ is designed to empower surgeons to outperform

Untethered and immersive visualization:

  • Freedom to adopt a more natural posture
  • All-in One headset display and control
  • Zero perceived latency
  • Enhanced and customizable depth of field
  • Homogeneously sharp and focused surgical field


Synergy throughout the operating room:

  • Minimal foot-print and constraints on OR set-up
  • Automation/autonomy – Less human-dependent settings and adjustments required
  • Real time support to surgeon’s decision-making process, teaching and learning
  • Zero Additional Turnover time between procedures – fixed OR set up

User interface

A 24” rotating touch screen with
controls provide clear image display
of the surgeon’s view to the OR team,
enabling full engagement of the staff.
The image may also be streamed to an external monitor.

Optional connectively to external monitor

Connectivity to 4K external screen for optional display of high resolution, high contrast image to the entire operating room.

Stereoscopic Camera head unit

The 270+ degree rotatable
camera head is comprised of
two >8K resolution, low noise
cameras producing sharp and
clear images, and a LED-based
illumination system.

The AR surgical headset

The use of lightweight, adjustable AR Surgical headset display and control unit
overcomes microscopy and monitor constraints. Head gestures are used seamlessly to
control frequent functions such as focus, zoom, pan and illumination and are also used
to toggle through various overlays.

The Beyeonics One™ Console

Real-time video processing and data management.

Product Features

Unconstrained visualization

The fully digital optic design provides high magnification, clear, detailed image of the surgical field. The surgeon filter selection enables enhanced tissue and membrane contrast.

Beyeonics data platform

Unconstrained movement

The augmented reality surgical headset brings the surgical field right in front of the surgeon.

The ergonomic friendly design allows for adaptation of a more natural posture, demonstrated to increase surgeon productivity and professional longevity.

Surgeon - Point of view video

Unconstrained performance

Zero perceived image latency and intuitive head gesture control allow the surgeon to maintain a continuous view of the surgical field without losing hand-eye coordination.

Prof. Adiel Barak, MD

Tel Aviv, Israel
Mouse sensitivity
Glasses Glasses Oct Glasses Oct Glasses Oculus

Designed for continuous innovation

Beyeonics One™ was developed as an open and evolving surgical platform. This approach allows for future integration with OR systems and data consolidation.

Beyeonics One™ is designed to deliver seamless on-site and periodic updates. Upon regulatory approval, the platform has the ability to deliver embedded future applications and products such as iOCT and premium lens navigation software.



“Beyeonics One™ offers something completely unique from the others heads up systems, well balanced head-set that puts you seemingly inside the eye with the freedom
of head movements awhile while keeping the field of view right in front of you.”
Dr. Jonathon Solomon M.D. (Solomon Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Bowie, MD) commented

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