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Beyeonics One™

Beyeonics One™ is a visualization system for anterior & posterior segment surgery, placing the surgeon in the center of the operating room and providing optimized visual and ergonomic needs.


A visualization system designed to optimize both anterior and posterior segment surgery

Basic System Configuration

  • 3D ultra-high-resolution camera and lighting system, including removable mounting for a non-contact wide-angle viewing system
  • Up to three head wearable display units
  • Processing core and user interface simultaneously supporting external 4K 3D monitor, connectivity to multiple OR devices and unlimited applications
  • Upgradeable with integrated intraoperative OCT imaging

Beyeonics one is not commercially available yet. Please contact us for more information


24” touch screen to view and control the system functions and preferences. Each surgeon can define a personal preferences for foot pedal layout, image enhancement, overlay information and more.
While not in use to adjust functions, the touchscreen displays the image that the surgeon sees, allowing the OR staff view and engagement.

Connectivity to External 4K Monitor

Output to 4K external monitor. The system supports 2D or 3D monitor (configurable) surgery display for the staff and resident.

3D Stereo Camera System

Designed with two optical channels each with more than 10x 4K resolution. Together with an LED illumination, the camera system delivers exceptional stereoscopic image of the surgical area. The illumination support wide field of view red reflex for Cataract surgery.
The super high resolution support magnifications with ratio of more than 1:7, providing high clarity imagery.
Depth of field, image focus, image zoom, XY movement, illumination and more are easily controlled during the operation using the head wearable display.

Surgical Head Wearable Display

The surgical Head Wearable Display (HWD) delivers unparalleled resolution and a unique 3D immersive experience. It optimizes the user experience and eliminates discomfort by allowing surgeons to move freely while visualizing the surgical field.
The HWD display setting is personalized to each surgeon so the data is relevant any time when needed. The surgical HWD allows the display of information as overlay on the surgical field and supporting information on virtual side screens.


The wheeled cart hosts the dedicated processing core and its advanced capabilities of zero-latency (less than 20 milliseconds) image processing.

Product Features

Superior visualization

  • Natural 3D immersive display offering undistracted focus on the surgical field while keeping OR awareness
  • More than 10x 4K resolution, enhanced dynamic range and extended depth of field
  • Zero latency – Non-existent image lag (less than 20 milliseconds) allows safe surgical actions and maneuvers.

Prof. Anat Loewenstein, MD, MHA

Tel Aviv, Israel

Everything. Through your eyes

Phaco-vitrectomy settings and metrics, diagnostic tests, medical records, live endoscopy and more. Easily accessible without looking away from the surgical field.

Beyeonics data platform

Exceptional user experience

  • Fully customizable and personalized system, intuitive and easy-to-learn head gestures for switching screens, navigating menus and controlling all system functions
  • Unparalleled ergonomics – the neutral posture and lightweight HWD minimize neck and back strain and allow long hours of fatigue-free surgery.

Prof. Adiel Barak, MD

Tel Aviv, Israel
Mouse sensitivity
Glasses Glasses Oct Glasses Oct Glasses Oculus

Application Platform

Beyeonics One is a platform that supports unlimited future applications. Among the first application to be offered:

  • Markerless IOL alignment
  • Preoperative data fusion
  • Pre-planning and teaching tools


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