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Beyeonics One™- Surgical Microscope

Beyeonics One™ is a surgical microscope for anterior & posterior segment ophthalmic surgeries.  Built according to the vision of a surgical cockpit, it has the capability to meet the visual, informational, and ergonomic needs of the surgeon during different stages of the surgery.

Basic System Configuration

  • Camera head unit comprising of 3D ultra-high-resolution cameras, stereoscopic illumination system, and removable mount for a non-contact wide-angle near-eye lens for posterior segment surgeries.
  • Powerful computing core supporting both three head wearable display units, an internal touchscreen, and an external 4K monitor. All supporting zero perceived video latency.
  • Ergonomic user interface which combines operation of the footswitch with head gesture commands.
  • Future cutting-edge technologies developments (not yet commercially available in the U.S.) will enable:
    • Connectivity to multiple OR devices
    • Integration of intraoperative OCT imaging
    • Guidance software applications


24” touch screen to view and control the system functions and preferences. Each surgeon can define a personal preferences for foot pedal layout, image enhancement, overlay information and more.A dual-use 24” touch-screen is used by OR staff to fully control the system either during or before surgery, and provides a live view of the surgical field, allowing more viewing options for the OR staff.

Connectivity to External 4K Monitor

Connectivity to 4K external screen for optional display of high resolution, high contrast image to the entire operating room.

3D Stereo Camera System

The Beyeonics One stereoscopic imaging unit comprises two optical channels, each equipped with high a resolution (>8K) camera and a built-in coaxial illumination unit. It captures a clear, sharp and detail-rich image during both posterior and anterior segments surgeries, and generates a strong red reflex. Its advanced design provides excellent depth of field and dynamic range which facilitates imaging as the surgeon transitions between visualization planes.
The camera head unit control is fully motorized, with motors controlling X-Y-Z movement, focus, and zoom capabilities.

Surgical Head Wearable Display

The Surgical Head Wearable Display (HWD) showcases high-resolution stereoscopic image to the surgeons within the central view, while maintaining OR awareness through peripheral view. This combination provides an immersive view of the surgical field while allowing the surgeon to monitor and control the OR environment.
The head wearable display provides an ergonomic experience by allowing surgeons to move their head freely while maintaining visualization of the surgical field.

The HWD display setting is personalized to each surgeon so the data is relevant any time when needed. The surgical HWD allows the display of information as overlay on the surgical field and supporting information on virtual side screens.

Product Features

Excellent visualization

Built end-to-end to provide stereoscopic, detail-rich imaging and natural 3D immersive display of the surgical field, while maintaining zero-perceived latency.

Beyeonics data platform

Everything. Through your eyes

The system’s technology can support easy access to data beyond the real-time video of the surgical field. The surgeon can control the display of customizable data as overlaid on top of the surgical field, on side screens, or as virtual screens that totally replace that view.

We aim to simplify surgeon access to patient data during surgery.  Preoperative diagnostic tests and intra operative information generated by other medical devices during surgery, such as Phaco-vitrectomy settings can be displayed upon surgeon demand.

*These expanded capabilities are not yet commercially available in the US.

Surgeon - Point of view video

Exceptional user experience

  • Fully customizable and personalized system, intuitive and easy-to-learn head gesture user interface
  • Ergonomic design – the neutral posture and lightweight HWD enables freedom of movement during surgery.

Prof. Adiel Barak, MD

Tel Aviv, Israel
Mouse sensitivity
Glasses Glasses Oct Glasses Oct Glasses Oculus

Application Platform

Beyeonics One is built with the vision of being a platform that will support many future applications. We are developing the following applications, which are not yet commercially available in the US:

  • Markerless IOL alignment
  • Alignment with pre-operative data in real time
  • Pre-planning and teaching tool


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