Excellent visualization

Built end-to-end to provide stereoscopic, detail-rich imaging and natural 3D immersive display of the surgical field, while maintaining zero-perceived latency.

Everything. Through your eyes

The system’s technology can support easy access to data beyond the real-time video of the surgical field. The surgeon can control the display of customizable data as overlaid on top of the surgical field, on side screens, or as virtual screens that totally replace that view.

We aim to simplify surgeon access to patient data during surgery.  Preoperative diagnostic tests and intra operative information generated by other medical devices during surgery, such as Phaco-vitrectomy settings can be displayed upon surgeon demand.

*These expanded capabilities are not yet commercially available in the US.

Exceptional user experience

  • Fully customizable and personalized system, intuitive and easy-to-learn head gesture user interface
  • Ergonomic design – the neutral posture and lightweight HWD enables freedom of movement during surgery.

The system unique advantages


An open platform approach that enables integration with OR systems (EMR/PACS) as well as remote connectivity for service, and enhancements.

Teaching & training

With simultaneous view of the surgical field, a meaningful teaching and learning experience is enabled, remote or live.


Naturally adopted and operated by surgeons and OR teams, with Zero turnover time between left and right eye procedures

Quality Policy

We, the management team members of Beyeonics Surgical Ltd., in line with the goals of the organization that we lead: to design, manufacture, distribute, install and service high quality medical devices, are committed to implementing our quality policy.

Beyeonics Quality Policy
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